Gel Seat Cushions

Access Health provides gel seat cushions and pressure cushions designed specifically for long duration seating in cars, at home or in offices. Our range of WonderGel seat cushions will provide comfort and support to your lower back and buttocks, and will improve your overall posture.

Office Chair Seat Cushion

We have a range of gel seat cushions which are made from an ultra-modern copolymer, which provides comfortable support while eliminating pressure spikes. WonderGel pressure cushions allow you to sit for hours in cloud-like comfort – taking the pressure from your lower back, bottocks and thighs.

Office Chair Seat Cushion

Normal pillows are generally made with traditional or memory foam. This can create a “push-back,” which means that if you need to sit for more than a few minutes, you may experience discomfort. Discomfort when sitting can lead to poor productivity and negatively affect mood.

WonderGel seat cushions use the principle of column buckling. Column buckling is achieved when pressure increases as you sit and the columns inside the pressure cushion buckle beneath you, distributing the weight to neighbouring columns. This advanced technology virtually eliminates uncomfortable pressure points – allowing you to sit for longer, minus the pressure.

Products that Support

We provide a range of gel seat and pressure cushions which are suitable for all prolonged home, car and office seating:

  • Roll n’ Go 1” of ultra-plush supportive and pressure relieving gel. This product is excellent for homes, offices, and on the road. One of the added bonuses of this cushion is that it rolls easily for quick transport so you can enjoy comfort wherever you are – home, office or car.
  • Original 1.25” of ultra-plush supportive and pressure relieving gel. Its low profile makes this product perfect for car travel. Having a cushion which eliminates pressure can turn a long drive from something tedious into an enjoyable experience. They are also great for your office chair, home dining or lounge chair, or anywhere else that you need a little more comfort.
  • Extreme The Extreme pillow is contains a deep 2” of ultra-plush supportive gel which provides that much-needed pressure relief and longed-for support. This product is perfect for homes and offices alike. The Extreme pillow is also very popular among professional truckers who can be seated for anywhere up to 12 hours.
  • DoubleGel This product comes with a full 2.5” of ultra-plush supportive gel. It has both a soft side and a firm side, so that owners can choose their own comfort levels. The cushion provides more pressure relief and support than any other pillow available, and is also very popular among professional truckers.

    Purchase Online

    Access Health provides an easy and efficient way to get your cushion delivered straight you your home. All products can be purchased online.

    All of our gel and pressure cushions are available for purchase straight from this website . For more information about what will work best for your body, contact Access Health today on 1300 65 95 40 and speak to one of our qualified and professional staff.